Donor appreciation contest coming up September 30, 2011 at 12nn pst. We are giving away  the following items as our way of saying THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR CAUSE!

(2) Android 7″ Touch Screen 2.2 – $130 worth
(6) Flip Mino HD Camera – $80 worth

You can donate online or through our Community Ambassadors.

Go direct to online donation (choose any, $2 = 1 name)
For every $2 you donate we will put your name once in the jar.
If you donate $10, your name will be placed in the jar 5 times.

Read about the cause

If you didn’t donate it’s not a huge deal. You’re awesome for just reading this message and you’re probably a really nice person. But, if you donate, please know that you’re helping CGF bring ONLINE EDUCATION TO THE NEEDY like crazy and we really, really appreciate it. And yes, you can submit the name of a needy person/group/community that you want to receive the education as well.

We want to show everyone how we appreciate their support by increasing their chance of winning the contest. Those who were not chosen during the contest we will keep your name in the jar up to three times for a chance to win the next raffle. If by the third time your name is still not chosen, we will send you two of our weekly goodies so you can keep one for yourself and share the other to your love one.

If you’re still reading this message, there’s just one more thing. We’re giving away different goodies twice a week to people around the world. So, you might want to start following us if you’re not already. We’re just saying.


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