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Holiday Greetings To All

Holiday type design and Christmas light

Board Member Opening

Calling all Professionals who wish to become part of a 501c3 Public Charity Nonprofit Organzation’s Volunteer Board Member team.

Interested parties please submit resume here for consideration. Applications are due end of September. Registration of new Board Members is middle of October. Sign up now and see what impact you can create!

Medical Mission

CGF expanded service further through Medical Mission Partnership. For more details and photos go to

CGF’s giving to Northern Luzon will continue to supply existing recipients and new ones. Made possible by generous donor Vitamin Angels who has provided supply of Vitamins to Children/Pregnant/Lactating for the 2nd year.

Thank you to Vini the lead of Panlilio Medical Mission who provided the table for our Board Member to work with, food and drinks for our people.

Thank you to Balibago Waters for providing us one of their staff to help our Volunteer Board Member.

Current Volunteers

Philippines Volunteers who served at any of our Community Giving please contact Arlene or Mary Ann at (02) 359-4352 to confirm attendance for Volunteer Appreciation Day. Thank you for helping us make a difference!


What’s Happening

Northern Luzon Vitamin Giving – ongoing. Photos available to Donors only.

Batangas Vitamin follow-up distribution: Feb 2015. Photos available to Donors only.

Christmas Feeding (NCR): 2nd week of December 2014. We will post some photos after the event. Most of the photos will be given to Donors only.

Volunteer Appreciation Day (Manila): 2nd week of December 2014. Photos will be shared online so you can see who are the people that made our Community Giving possible.

More Vitamin Giving

CGF representatives (Abraham Aquino and Mary Ann ) towards the North on Saturday October 4th to deliver more vitamins to several parts of Northern Luzon. Giving is being coordinated through the different Barangay locations to make sure underserved people are given top priority. We will post information once completed.

Volunteers can contact Mary Ann at (02) 522-3854 to discuss details.

Vitamin Giving

CGF representatives has delivered the first set of Vitamin to storm-stricken area this weekend in Batangas Philippines where many lost their homes. The area did not receive enough supply so our foundation came in to fill the rest of their needs.

Thank you to all these Volunteers and Board Members Lormen and Abe (the 2 middle person in blue shirts) who help make things possible! They we’re all patient in travelling far to get to the people. Without them, this event would not have been successful! Thank you for your Kind Hearts. May all your efforts be returned with granted wishes from the heart!


  • Only few photos can be posted publicly for privacy of those in need. Only Donors will have access to all the photos taken as part of our reporting.
  • Donors will receive private link to access the reports directly from our US representative via email.
  • Other locations are currently being scheduled. We will release photos as they are accomplished.
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