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Applying for a Job

Cullinan Group Foundation (CGF) is a Public Charity Nonprofit Organization. We seek to find low key people who are passionate about helping others to the very core of their heart. We aim to bring more to the people by being sensible in everything we do. Applying to work for us requires only the following:

1) Your Resume – submitted to us directly by responding to the job posting.
No personal drop off, no mailing. All resumes are reviewed by different representatives using a centralized system. Submitting it differently will mean your resume will be lost. Just send it in directly using the job posting site for faster response.

2) Your time to be interviewed.

  • By our US representatives via skype (cullinangroupfoundation) if you are not local. This option is for Manager, Director, Executive positions only.
  • Personal interview – by appointment at our Manila office if you are local. No walk-ins. We are relying on Volunteers so please stick to schedule if given one.

3) If selected, provide additional credential information.

There is NO APPLICATION FEE to apply.

Report any illegal activity by contacting us directly via email –




To those who would like to work in the Philippines feel free to check out the latest job openings we have coming up (list updated often).

The Ligthshow training is on and enrollments ongoing

The Ligthshow training is on and enrollments ongoing.

This program is meant to create a fun job for individuals who are visually impaired, unemployed, minimum wage,  students,  government employee, urban poor, or have lost everything needing a fresh start.

Requirements: Computer with internet connection

Live training  (Stribley Community Center – Stockton CA) – once a month starting middle of March
Virtual training (all other locations) – once a month
Philippines  – once a month starting late April

Enroll minimum 3 weeks prior to class start to allow enough time for you to order and receive supplies needed for the training.  Those who are located outside USA must enroll 6 weeks prior to start to allow supplies to arrive by ocean shipment .

For more details and to view sample projects that can be done by this program please visit

Additional Activities: April and December Event

This is an update. Our December and April event activities just multiplied. All attendees will have more ways to enjoy the day.

  • APRIL ( locations are next door to each other)
    1,000 Hands and Feet
    Blind Cooking Show
    Medical Mission Doctor for Visually Impaired
  • DECEMBER ( locations are next door to each other)
    Christmas Town for Homeless Children
    Grand Lightshow Parade on Roxas Blvd.
    Blind Cooking Contest
    Several Medical Mission Doctors for Visually Impaired

Other Nonprofits with mission to help Visually Impaired are welcome to join us in Manila.

Visually Impaired people who:

  • Want to join the show can sign up now. Pre-screening and selection held 1 week prior to event.
  • Want to undergo  cooking training can sign in February. Details on training location to be announced during the event.
  • Want to join the contest can sign up in August. Pre-screening and selection held 2 weeks prior to event.

To sign up send email to

Join Us, Earn Business

Project and Event list for the year has been updated. Join us if you can! A few US trainees will be joining us in the Philippines Q2 to lead a fun job.

Advertisement opportunities are now open to firms who are interested in helping support our cause while we bring business to them by means of magazine distribution to their target market around the world. Pledges and submissions ongoing.

For more details go to


Training with a Fun Job!

Are you looking for ways to join a team for a fun job or start your own business? If so, check this out –

CGF is starting the year  with a LIGHT SHOW training program that creates a fun job for all involved.  Expert who will lead this program has track record of creating enormous and amazing light shows in different parts of the world. Each student who undergo this program can join the foundation on its projects OR start their own business OR maybe just learn out of curiosity to understand how things work.


Learning: (8) 1.5 hour sessions
Training: 100 hours
Location: nearest partner Community Center
Job Opportunity: according to year-round contract. Can join the group to tackle a project or can go on their own to start their own business.


Must have basic knowledge of computer use; likes music; patient; has imagination; likes to have fun reating wonderful things!

Gamer/Digital Artist Students who want to create their signature show can sign up for Volunteer Designer position.

  • Training sign up for Stockton California – now open.
    1 top performer will have a chance to work at out Manila office to lead our training team.
    Additional top performers will be hired in June to lead large projects while experiencing holiday Philippine style!
  • Training sign up for Philippines – opens February 1st.
    Manila Day light show will be held late June.
    Trainee showoffs will be held December 2012 at a grand parade along Roxas Blvd.
  • Event sponsors and advertisers now open.
    Advertisement to Nonprofit Resource Magazine now open. Global distribution.
    Black subscriber is entitled to 1 free light show during Manila Day in June.
    To sign up call  1-702-421-7866 (USA)  (02) 522-3854 Arlene or 0917-342-4636 Mylene.
  • Manila firms who wish to join and have a custom light show for the grand parade can sign up by calling call  (02) 522-3854 Arlene or 0917-342-4636 Mylene.
  • USA firms who wish to order a light show for their event or be added to the Philippines Parade please call 702-421-7866.

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Save Earth, Create Jobs for the Urban Poor & Homeless

Now Available for Shipping anywhere in the world — Paper Crafts Hand Made by Urban Poor & Homeless from Philippines as part of the livelihood program. Help make a difference by buying 1 item from us! Order includes shipping and handling. Can be delivered anywhere in the world.  USA and Philippines training available by request. More products coming. Visit order site for complete list.

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