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Training with a Fun Job!

Are you looking for ways to join a team for a fun job or start your own business? If so, check this out –

CGF is starting the year  with a LIGHT SHOW training program that creates a fun job for all involved.  Expert who will lead this program has track record of creating enormous and amazing light shows in different parts of the world. Each student who undergo this program can join the foundation on its projects OR start their own business OR maybe just learn out of curiosity to understand how things work.


Learning: (8) 1.5 hour sessions
Training: 100 hours
Location: nearest partner Community Center
Job Opportunity: according to year-round contract. Can join the group to tackle a project or can go on their own to start their own business.


Must have basic knowledge of computer use; likes music; patient; has imagination; likes to have fun reating wonderful things!

Gamer/Digital Artist Students who want to create their signature show can sign up for Volunteer Designer position.

  • Training sign up for Stockton California – now open.
    1 top performer will have a chance to work at out Manila office to lead our training team.
    Additional top performers will be hired in June to lead large projects while experiencing holiday Philippine style!
  • Training sign up for Philippines – opens February 1st.
    Manila Day light show will be held late June.
    Trainee showoffs will be held December 2012 at a grand parade along Roxas Blvd.
  • Event sponsors and advertisers now open.
    Advertisement to Nonprofit Resource Magazine now open. Global distribution.
    Black subscriber is entitled to 1 free light show during Manila Day in June.
    To sign up call  1-702-421-7866 (USA)  (02) 522-3854 Arlene or 0917-342-4636 Mylene.
  • Manila firms who wish to join and have a custom light show for the grand parade can sign up by calling call  (02) 522-3854 Arlene or 0917-342-4636 Mylene.
  • USA firms who wish to order a light show for their event or be added to the Philippines Parade please call 702-421-7866.

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Happy Holidays from Cullinan Group Foundation

Reminder – Feeding Program at 8:00am tomorrow

To those who are located in Metro Manila don’t forget to join us at the feeding program which starts at 8:00am tomorrow. Direction and program details can be found at

Many thanks to all sponsors who are making this event a great one and continuously pouring in donations.  May your generosity be replaced with many blessings and granted wishes!

Future feeding will be held monthly. Program details will be posted soon.


Save Earth, Create Jobs for the Urban Poor & Homeless

Now Available for Shipping anywhere in the world — Paper Crafts Hand Made by Urban Poor & Homeless from Philippines as part of the livelihood program. Help make a difference by buying 1 item from us! Order includes shipping and handling. Can be delivered anywhere in the world.  USA and Philippines training available by request. More products coming. Visit order site for complete list.

Thank You Voters

CGF would like to thank those who sent in their vote.

Top requests are:

  • Online Education
  • Food & Shelter
  • Starving Student Supports
  • Joining the cause silently by means of donation

We will put those requests on priority.

Please continue to stay in touch and keep letting others know how they want us to serve the community!

Entertainment Coupon Book

Entertainment Coupon Book is working with our firm to help raise funds to support kids who want to sign up for our eLearning program but could not afford it. (8/18/2011)

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