Vitamins Are In!

CGF USA received very generous donations of  Vitamin A, Albendazole, Multi-Vitamins from Vitamin Angels. It will be distributed to several hundreds of people who are located in different areas of Northern Capital Region. Target recipients are Kids age 0-5, pregnant and lactating women (batang bagong panganak hanggang idad lima, mga buntis, mga nag papadedeng ina).

THANK YOU, VITAMIN ANGELS! You truly are a blessing to many who are in need and an answer to the community’s request which we are struggling to fill. May your generosity be returned with granted wishes from the heart!

The vitamins will be shipped out this Saturday 4/26/2014 from California for arrival in Manila mid-June 2014. CGF Philippines will start distribution July and October of this year with follow-up distribution every 6 months thereafter.

This activity is coordinated with different Barangays who are in-charge of gathering people for CGF Philippines. Location details to be published as we get closer to distribution date so keep checking our site.

For questions feel free to contact us by completing the form below.


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