Get a Cool Shirt

After a disaster strike, rescue efforts will end after few months.To the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, the people will still have no home to stay. Any government program to restore their home will take at least 1 year (or more) to happen so they will either be at temporary shelter or left to stay at their own land with almost no shelter just to prevent informal settlers from moving in. Either way, they will be left with unmet needs. This is where you come in. What you can do — Be part of something great – spread the word or buy a shirt. A small step but together it creates big impact!

One hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds for this campaign will go towards helping Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Victims beyond rescue efforts by means of providing more food, more shipment of donated items, tools to restore their home and bath products until June 2014.

Those who wish to join the giving event in the Philippines can sign up by sending email with your contact information to

The campaign will launch every 30 days until June 2014 so that every 30 days, help is released to the people.

Go to campaign site


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