Philippines Donation Status

All in-kind donations received has been shipped. Not a single piece left. All monetary donations for feeding are sent as received.

For latest update on Donors and donations received, impacts made please click here.

To see photos of Bantayan Tacloban click here. More photos will be posted as we get them in. We hope that the few photos posted here will help those who are still looking for their love ones.

Comments on: "Philippines Donation Status" (2)

  1. Latest shipment of in-kind donations will go out monday 11/18/2013.

    To the Parents who shared their baby shoes, clothings and diapers – thank you! It will make orphans feel happy for the new year. You can send us email and we will share photos of your items to remember by.

    To the Kids who gave us their lunch snacks – thank you! For sure the Kids from the other side of the world will feel your generosity. You are all amazingly thoughtful! We feel the love!

    To everyone who shared their clothes, shoes, pantry items – thank you! They will all end up in the home of displaced people.

    Even if our donations are much smaller than others, our giving is more personal and people can send their own message to donors.

    Reports to all donors will begin to release mid to late January with photos of the giving and messages from the people.

    Thank you to everyone who donated. May your generosity be returned with granted wishes from the heart!

  2. As of 4:00pm pst, all in-kind donations received has shipped to Philippines. Impact is expected to happen right before New Year. Thank you Donors!

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