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Community Giving Completed

The last batch of donated items received for the month of July has been completed today. Magazines showing photos of each giving will be distributed to donors by end of August. Most of the photos for this giving will not be published for privacy reason to ensure disadvantaged people remain safe from discrimination as they are all seeking for employment. Below are some of the photos we can share with you.


With CGF Representatives: Staffs from Central United Methodist Church , Pastor Kien Srey (2nd from Left) Volunteers and Missionaries from Cambodia (Joseph Chhleav Chan – wearing all black, middle and his wife – 4th one from right).

Billy who coordinated our event is not on the photo but thank you, Billy for the cool spot under the tree and for the yummy lunch and drinks!


The Church is having birthday potluck same time we are there so people had the chance to
eat then grab donations after.

Brenda our Volunteer organized the goods while patiently listing who received
which donation because not all of them can write.

Community Ambassador Reynaldo Ramos with Volunteers Brenda, Andrew, Sokevin who all speaks
Cambodian. Thank you for helping us today and for making sure people understood everything.
We would not have been able to communicate with them if it was not for all of you so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Community giving continues

CGF reps are going to a homeless shelter of people with illness today to give out donated goods from Regis Salons.

We believe that giving does not always have to mean exposing people who are disadvantaged just to be recognized of doing good deeds. Therefore, no photos will be posted for public viewing to protect privacy of the people but we will have something to present to donor as part of reporting.

Two more giving will take place this month to complete distribution of all goods received. Thank you for following us and for taking the time to read this post.

Countdown to Aug 6th!

Today we found out some of you are unable to wait for the products and have already been stopping by the Center. Please wait for Tuesday August 6th. It is on a first-come-first-served basis starting at 5:00pm but no worries, the donors have been super generous so there’s plenty for everyone.

WHERE TO FIND US AT THE CENTER – go to the left side of the building (before the main entrance) where they have the head-shaped fountains.

  • Go to the window to ask for products.
  • Our Volunteer Stylists will be mingling with the crowd to give some hairstyle tips.
  • Ice Cream is served the entire time to keep you cool and there will be chairs for you to sit in case the line is long.

Date: Tuesday August 6, 2013
Time: 5:00pm pst
Location: Stribley Community Center
Address: 1760 East Sonora Street. Stockton, CA 95205
Phone: (209) 937-7351

There’s plenty of other activity going with the Police Department and there’s large Sports event happening that day so there’s definitely more for you to do when you get there!

All products are generously donated by 6 different Regis Salon in California.
Regis Salon Store # 2694, 9541, 9834, 90304, 90396, 6547
view photos of what items are being given out

Product will be given out to Urban Poor community member and financially challenged to help them look good even during challenging times. Additional donated items are used clothings and toys.

Since we received a lot of products, some of the goods will be distributed next week direct to urban poor of Stockton.

Having trouble viewing photos of donated goods? go to

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