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Applying for a Job

Cullinan Group Foundation (CGF) is a Public Charity Nonprofit Organization. We seek to find low key people who are passionate about helping others to the very core of their heart. We aim to bring more to the people by being sensible in everything we do. Applying to work for us requires only the following:

1) Your Resume – submitted to us directly by responding to the job posting.
No personal drop off, no mailing. All resumes are reviewed by different representatives using a centralized system. Submitting it differently will mean your resume will be lost. Just send it in directly using the job posting site for faster response.

2) Your time to be interviewed.

  • By our US representatives via skype (cullinangroupfoundation) if you are not local. This option is for Manager, Director, Executive positions only.
  • Personal interview – by appointment at our Manila office if you are local. No walk-ins. We are relying on Volunteers so please stick to schedule if given one.

3) If selected, provide additional credential information.

There is NO APPLICATION FEE to apply.

Report any illegal activity by contacting us directly via email –



Is the long pause a good thing?

To us – Yes. Everyone at CGF is busy preparing to get projects out to the community. There are no photos or publications to see just yet but we will definitely post them as soon as possible. Keep watching us to see it first! We will let you know where you can visit in person to see with your own eyes what great things a strong faith can bring and kind people who never forget to help can bring to everyone. Thank you for following us.

Message to Magazine Readers

As part of CGF’s role as a resource center, the magazine was published to allow grantors to be able to have legitimate source of data when considering funding they are passionate about. Since we still have plenty of nonprofits awaiting further assistance, we will not be publishing any new editions until most of them are funded by grantors.  Publishing these magazines do take some effort, time and money which we are currently short of so we will focus on important matters that are in need of attention now so we can begin to see some of the projects become available to the community.

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