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Thank You Video

This video is for all Donors of the Children Program from the Caloocan Kids. Please excuse the blurry rushed video. There is no descent camera on site so the Volunteer took it from her cell phone. Some of the words are in Tagalog but some are in English. We will try to upload a better video later on.

Talking Pup

To the parents who has young Kids, this Educational Pup is an excellent one to have. Click the photo to view video.

View the story about Smart Pup

Our foundation received one of these yesterday. We will soon share it amongst recipient of the education program by scheduling each location to keep it for a month.  Then it will be kept mainly at the Manila office for other Parents with Kids to enjoy while they are seeking to improve their future.

Visit to get one of these. People can buy the Pup without the CD program. Contact SmartyAnts for further details. They have also re-launched the program to an online flash-based version. There are many improvements to the game. The online Flash version is fANTastic and is preferable over the DVD/CD install.

Turner Tabernacle – online

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Greater Turner Tabernacle AME Church in Macon Georgia is online with the Children education.

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