February event for Philippines was re-scheduled but later canceled due to long delays at DSWD which no one at their office can tell us when the document we need will come out. Its been almost 2 months of wait. This delay has prevented us from being able to fund the Training Center for the Urban Poor as planned to open this April.

As sad as this posting is, the world must know that bad result is not at all the fault of any NPO. Things get stuck and no NPO has a choice. Time for the government to upgrade their system to accommodate workload.

Its very discouraging to see that killing as many trees possible seems like the only goal for the day by this lousy process.  Its unfortunate we have to participate in it by  no choice  (tons of paperwork to fill for submission and its preferred that way for every move), delivering no result by no choice (indefinite wait because now the approving side is burried with paperwork), being part of lost hope (missing timeline due to delay means no funds raised). This is one of the main reason why problems still exist even if tons of people are there to help the community.

NPOs are supposed to be working out there making a difference in the lives of people not helping kill more trees. Too many landslides, too many lives has been lost due to this. This has to change. No amount of help coming will solve things much less deliver the result fast unless the government system is upgraded. I hope that through this posting someone from UN will come in to help them make that change. Its long overdue.


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