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Drinking Water Solutions

Two weeks after a major storm hit Manila Bay walls — what used to be greenish water now looks like capucchino without cream. Other nonprofits who has solutions for drinking water please call 702-421-7866 to help bring safe drinking water for the people.



CGF will offer Infant Simulator Training and Testing to all Nanny/Housemaid Applicants and Healthcare Staff beginning November 1st at the Manila office.

Conducted at a facility similar to a nursery room, the simulators look and function like a real baby. You will take care of it and hold it like you would a normal child. Each applicant/student are evaluated separately with pre and post testing.

The printed reports will help you get ahead of everyone else applying for the same job because employers will have real result that can give them peace of mind you can do the job!

Testing takes 30 minutes while training will take at least a couple of hours.

Space fills up fast so make sure to call for an appointment by calling the Manila office last week of October.

To those who are curious, simulators are available for viewing  3rd week of October at the Manila office.

September Event Update

End of September Donor Appreciation is over. Awards  in progress.

Online Education are  now being made available to:
Stribley Community Center (Stockton California)
Turner Tabernacle (Georgia)
DJJ (Georgia)

Thank you very much for the donors who supported our program. It would not have been made possible without them!

Community Efforts made possible by Ambassadors Willie Dumas and Reynaldo Ramos

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