About Us

The Cullinan Group Foundation is a world-wide community based charitable organization providing services beneficial to the entire population with focus on those who are suffering from homelessness, educational deficiencies, no medical care and who suffer from any/all forms of life threatenig circumstances.

The Cullinan Group Foundation’s purpose is to raise funds toward a world-wide campaign with emphasis in the United States and the Philippines’, to help fight lack of education and provide scholarships; fulfill unmet medical needs and facilities’; affordable, safe and accessible housing; training farmers for new crop production; local employment and any/all empowerment opportunities to aide the less fortunate and poverty stricken with the tools and opportunities to become self-sufficient and prosper within today’s world.

The objective of The Cullinan Group Foundation is to raise funds to be utilized in the following manner: provide scholarship funds within the United States for financially struggling students; coordinate within the United States the volunteer medical staff and medical equipment suppliers for in-kind donations for a medical facilities planned within the Philippines; also, recruit local Philippine doctors, nurses and medical staff required to staff the facility in the Philippines; coordinate within the United States, Farmers Associations’ such as the Rice Growers Association of Northern California, and etc., on current techniques to train international rice growers within the Philippines; to provide housing to the homeless and coordinate with world-wide contractors for in-kind donated building structures or “on-the job” training to the unemployed within the Philippines and the United States; provide entrepreneurship/new business development training and possible funding to individuals within the United States and the Philippines with the goal to provide employment opportunities for all unemployed citizens; provide a “Community Forum” on an annual basis to glean information from the community at large concerning their unmet needs within the United States and the Philippines in particular. Where possible and feasible provide a solution with a timeline to these unmet needs.


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