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Update to All Philippine Volunteers

Volunteers who signed up for the Manila project please check updates by going to   See you all there!

Donate, win, give!

Those who have not yet joined the contest for end of this month the deadline is fast approaching. Technologies are in and waiting for the winner.

Quezon City

Kalayaan Quezon City office will open no later than middle of October but it will not have a learning center. If you live in the Quezon City area please contact Manila office for updates on any learning center near you. We are doing our best to have as many partners possible your convenience. If we are able to squeeze even just a little space for few computers at this location we will let you know right away.

For now the  entire 4-storybuilding is going to be fully occupied by students who are under CGF USA’s joint-effort training program. The first batch of students for this location and the provincial locations are all due to arrive Manila 3rd weeek of October.

Many thanks to large humanitarian firms who are truly devoted to improving the lives of the people. This program would not have been made possible without them!

Manila Opening

Ermita office will open by middle of October 2011 and will start preparing for the opening of learning center which will be available to the public THURSDAYS through SUNDAYS from 1pm to 9pm starting end of October.

Stockton in line as next recipient of online education

Reynaldo Ramos is accepting and pre-screening qualified recipients of online education for Stockton area.  To be included send request by following this message. Award will be released first week of October.


CGF is now serving Stockton California, Macon Georgia and Miami Florida.

Online Education for Philippines now available

Public Schools in the Philippines can now sign up for on-site eLearning program. Send email to get started. eLearning Center for USA will open after Summer in Stockton California.

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